My Line Dancing

Line Dancing is getting more and more popular.   It is good for our physical, mental and spiritual health.  Normally it is the ladies who are interested in it.

4 years back, I pass by a place that was doing line dancing.  I immediately went in and enroll myself.  Was I really interested in line dancing?  I must have been.  Otherwise I will not have enrolled myself in the line dancing class with no second thought.

If the teacher is not good in teaching, it is not easy to learn line dancing.  I saw many students, after many years of line dancing, still do not know how to do the basic steps.  I have been under 5 teachers before.   Among the 5, one is the best.  But she is always absent from class.  Thus I went to another center.

In the new center, that teacher was lousy.  One of her classes eventually ‘close up’ for the students eventually got fed up and left.  However, her fees was very cheap.

I used to teach my “classmate’ who are new and do not know how to dance in their house.  Our teacher said they have improved a lot in their dancing.  However they never tell the teacher that it was me who has taught them how to dance easily.   They got all the fame without me.

Sometime, accidentally, stranger see us dance.  When it suddenly rain, stranger will run into our class for shelter.  Then they will see us dance.  After that they gave big applause.   Both my teacher and i know that they like and has enjoyed my dancing.  I danced beautifully.  My daughters loved my dancing.

My friends said I danced beautifully and gracefully.  If one knows how to roll and move the joints of the body in every direction, one can dance beautifully.

Once I was in a party.  It was our teacher who threw said party.  The music ‘Beat It’ was played.  It was a song from Micheal Jackson.  The day before the party, out teacher taught us to danced that song.  I went through it at home, after the class.  In the party, when ‘Beat It’ was played, only my teacher and I were know how to dance it.  Everyone was so surprise that i danced that song so beautifully and amazing;y.  Someone video taped it.  Till now people is still talking about my dancing in that dance.  I was so surprised.

The admiration of people on my dancing always made me feel very proud.


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