The Official Top 10 Chinese Noodles

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The first nominated list of “China’s Top 10 Famous Noodles” was released recently by the Ministry of Commerce and China Hotel Association. The 10 noodle dishes on the list are: 武汉热干面 (rè gān miànWuhan‘s Hot Dry Noodles), 北京炸酱面 (zhá jiàng miàn, Beijing’s Zhajiangmian), 山西刀削面 (Dāoxiāomiàn, Shanxi’s knife-cut noodles),  河南萧记烩面 (xiāo jì huì miàn, Henan’s Xiaoji Stewed Noodles), 兰州拉面 (lánzhōu lāmiàn, Lanzhou’s hand pulled noodles), 杭州片儿川 (piàn ér chuān, Hangzhou’s Pian’er Chuan), 昆山奥灶面 (ào zào miàn, Kunshan’s Aozao noodles), 镇江锅盖面 (zhènjiāng guō gài miàn, Chinkiang pot cover noodles), 四川担担面 (dàndàn miàn, Sichuan’s dandanmian), and 吉林延吉冷面 (yánjí lěng miàn, Jilin’s cold noodles).

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In the past, people have always hailed 热干面, 炸酱面, 刀削面, 兰州拉面, and 担担面 as “China’s Five Famous Noodles”. This is the first time that an official organization has ranked a Top 10 list. After the news came out, many netizens were surprised that Shaanxi, a province with over a hundred ways to make noodles, didn’t make it into the top 10. Many find it hard to believe that 臊子面 (sàozi miàn, noodles with minced meat) and Biangbiang noodles aren’t recognized, and joked that it was because the Chinese characters for “biangbiang” cannot be typed out on a computer.

Other netizens whose provinces were not mentioned on the list exclaimed that they were 惊呆了 (jīng dāile, so surprised that they are stupefied) that their local famous noodles were dismissed.

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