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A Peek into China’s Hostesses

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Hostess clubs in China are nightlife entertainment that only the rich can afford. Similar to the hostess clubs in Japan, in Chinese establishments the rich men pay for an attractive woman’s company, service, and conversations. And, if they like the woman enough, they ask for the girl to leave with them and continue businesses elsewhere. In Chinese, these type of hostesses are called 女公关, which translates loosely to “female public relations”. Recently, the top hostess club in Zhengzhou was shut down by the government, and Sohu News created an infographic to explain the modern world of Chinese hostesses.


how to be a hostess


To become a hostess, you would first need to have the right look,  the right figure, and be within the proper age range. Since hostess clubs depend on high-class customers, they can’t allow their hostesses to be from the lower classes, so they prefer white collar workers, models, and art school students.

Step 1: Interview

After meeting the initial criteria, you need to be interviewed by 3 to 5 interviewers. Good looks + good body: 60. Highly educated + high alcohol tolerance: 80. Can play the role of a flight attendant: 100. According to a report on Zhengzhou’s Huangjia Yihao, all candidates are interviewed by at least 5 interviewers who rate you based on your appearance, height, education, skills, and culture, and then the overall score is broken down into a price.

Step 2: Professional Training 

Physique, etiquette, smile, and conversation skills. After the training is completed, a hostess can officially start working.



how to earn money


Work Hours: 9PM to 2AM

Main Work Locations: High-class Hostess Clubs, KTV and night clubs, bars

Work Responsibilities: Accompany clients, drink with clients, sing, and others

how to earn money 2The most famous hostess club in Beijing, Tian Shang Ren Jian (Passion Club), was one of the most expensive clubs in Beijing before it closed. The club was membership only. VIP customers included socialites from China and abroad, entrepreneurs, domestic and international film and TV stars, as well as ambassadors. Clients need to pay an initial fee of 1,000 to 3,000 yuan to talk to girls. To have a girl’s company for an entire night costs at least 5,000 yuan.

Huangjia Yihao was praised as an ideal “platform where politicians and businessmen communicated”. Gold card holders mostly treated others to discuss contracts and projects, or to ask for a favor. The previous report quotes that the club earned over 500,000 yuan per night. The reason that visiting the club became a symbol of social status is that the hostesses only chatted, sang, and drank moderately. If customers touched them inappropriately, they would be told off.  A girl’s company cost 400 to 800 yuan, and to take her out was extra.

The infographic points out that a hostess could purchase an apartment and make all the payments in a prime location in the capital in just a year. Their only real concern is prostitution crackdowns.